Bringing people together

I dig what Tantek has to say at IndieWeb Summit. I am not there, all I have are his slides he posted online, directly after giving his speech, I suppose. I get one major point: We are not just a set of individuals, we are a community work to empower ourselves collaborate to empower each […]

Design URLs with care

I wanted to post this old post about unambiguous URLs. It explains briefly the technological importance of having a trailing slash in your URLs. Here’s the irony: the old bookmark didn’t work! Because Tumblr changed the URL format. They weren’t anymore. They changed from this: to this: . But because I had the old URL and […]

What makes an idea worth blogging?

In his short reflection on the validity of writing a blog in 2017, Colin Walker gives us his conclusion as to why all ideas should be published on a blog: Ideas are special, ideas are the lifeblood of our existence and need to be shared. […] They are shared for the record and for posterity […]

Super-advanced at naming files

One thing is how you handle your public feed online, organising your data on your local devices is quite another. If you consider the profession of the librarian, it could be said to be a science. If you think of an advertising agency’s portfolio presentation on the other hand, you could think of it as […]