The book is a program

An interesting working hypothesis, that let’s me be exited to the highest degree. Lawyer and typographer (Yes, that happens!) Matthew Butterick writes at the website for the software package Pollen about it. At the core of Pollen is an argument: Digital books should be the best books we’ve ever had. So far, they’re not even close. […]

I apologise to You

This instance of WordPress doesn’t have many readers. It’s journey just has begun. But a few followers on and a few subscribers of the RSS-feed amount to roughly ten people who could notice when I post over here. In the “about” text on this Blog I promised to update every month several times. Unfortunately […]

A blip of a blogroll

So, Twan has included me in his blogroll, which is nice, thanks Twan! It is a minor historical note of this blog, since this is the first “mention” of this blog of any sort. Twan also decided than using his blogroll is too much work for him, so the whole thing is gone again. Which […]