Three positive reasons for having a website

Now that I re-blogged it, the old discussion on having a real website sparked an urge to notch down my own list of what are the top (positive) reasons for using the open web as opposed to a walled garden like, e. g. Twitter, Pinterest or so?

  • I like to have freedom in what features I can offer to the reader. It is part of the “product” and can not be left to some middle-management decision at a tech firm somewhere, that in all probability has not yet seen me as it’s most important asset and center of attention. Also it is a lot of fun to play around with the technologies and design possibilities. To decorate your writing with just the right amount of “web stuff.”
  • The complete control over my data doesn’t even have to be exclusive, but I need it. I want to have it for the sake of a blossoming future. Who knows what exciting projects I want to start in 10 or 15 years? Could be that I want to use my content then, therefore: let me have it.
  • The medium is indeed the message. What that means here is communicating how serious you are about the writing and other content you offer. People get that. It is a matter of providing the right degree of dignity for your offerings and also for the act of publishing, which is a special moment in time.